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Published: 16th March 2011
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New home decoration is good, open the chest, eyes will be noxious stimulation were tears, and many people have similar experiences when fitting. Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ningbo material Christina Chu led the team of researchers successfully developed a non-formaldehyde Timber Glue Viscosity, allow people to bid farewell to the home renovation experiences of formaldehyde pollution. Yesterday, the technology for transfer into the industrialization stage. Formaldehyde is a colorless

strong irritant gas, the WHO has been identified as carcinogenic and mutagenic substances deformity. Long-term exposure to low doses of formaldehyde can cause chronic respiratory diseases, lead to nasopharyngeal cancer, brain tumor, pregnancy syndrome, neonatal chromosomal abnormalities, leukemia and other serious health problems. Research shows that indoor formaldehyde pollution comes mainly from furniture, decoration and other formaldehyde-based adhesive used and Paint And it contains formaldehyde release of up to 3 years to 15 years, seriously affecting the health of our lives. As the wood adhesive?? Formaldehyde-based adhesive is caused by indoor Decoration pollution The root causes of the production and use of better performance, therefore, no or low formaldehyde emission of formaldehyde in the adhesive will be the fundamental way to solve this problem.

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ningbo materials researcher Christina Chu, 41-year-old, in America, Dr. native of Shandong, two years ago to settle in Ningbo. 3 years ago, he visited Linyi, Shandong Province, a plywood company, see the workshop of the workers in the workshop is a pain even keep my eyes open, and decided to develop non-formaldehyde wood adhesives. His research specialty is polymer material, the development of new formaldehyde-free adhesive timber where to start? He thought of a child at home can be made of rice flour paste mixed with mixing, to try to start from the natural biological research.

After 3 years of hard work, Christina Chu's research team has finally come to a natural renewable bio?? Soybean as raw material, developed a bio-based non-formaldehyde adhesive. The adhesive does not use formaldehyde, and the production and processing process is simple, low cost, no waste gas, waste water, waste and other "industrial waste" of emissions, is a real green, Environmental protection , Health adhesive. Identified, the adhesive is not only fully prepared by the plywood formaldehyde emission limits to meet international standards E0 highest level, the bonding strength higher than 22MPa, and after cooking in boiling water for 4 hours without cracking, such adhesive completely solved the problem of poor water resistance.

Yesterday, Christina Chu researcher team developed the bio-based non-formaldehyde wood adhesive technology transfer of successful results, with the benefit of Ningbo Co., Ltd. formally signed eight agreements, the "bio-based non-formaldehyde wood adhesive technology industrialization projects" in Cooperation The project involved 10 million yuan of funds. Another eight benefits industry will invest 120 million yuan to build a production base covering an area of 100 acres to form the annual output of 5,000 tons of production lines, three years, they plan Sell Amounted to 10 million. The near future, non-formaldehyde plywood to all households.

In another development yesterday, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ningbo Construction Planning 2 material Industrial Technology Research Institute and Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ningbo Ningbo Yunsheng Group signed a cooperation agreement, Ningbo Yunsheng Hi-Tech Magnetic Co., Ltd. invested 10 million yuan in Ningbo industrial research involved Chinese Academy of Sciences hospital building, to support the Development of Science and Technology, Ningbo. Meanwhile, Ningbo Yunsheng Industrial Technology Research Institute as the first corporate director of Ningbo, Ningbo, ITRI also have the priority to the relevant scientific research personnel and research platforms, the two sides build a "new materials Ningbo Yunsheng Hi-Tech Magnetic Project Center. "

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