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Published: 21st March 2011
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  In early November by the United States Eaton holding a total investment of 29.8 million U.S. dollars in Xi'an, Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive Eaton founded. Prior to about 10 years, Shaanxi Automobile Gear General Factory and its restructuring after the Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive companies like magnets in general, continue to attract investment in the U.S. center of gravity into the Eaton Corporation, Shaanxi, and in the provinces two years ago succeeded in attracting private enterprises Torch come to Shaanxi. At present the company's lead, in order to build a diversified pattern of investment in China's biggest base of automotive transmissions made great strides. 18 years ago, Shaanxi Fast Gear Co., the predecessor of Shaanxi Automobile Gear General Factory Eaton Corporation from the United States introduced a series of three varieties of Fuller transmission production technology, and built a annual output of 8,000 units Fuller transmission line . After the introduction of new technologies, business is not as satisfied, but rather continuously introduced innovative products, develop, improve, through independent research and development, so that Fuller transmission developed to the present four series of several dozen varieties, and quickly open the of the domestic market. All this new look at the U.S. Eaton Corporation, so since 1993, eager to enter the Chinese market, Eaton began to talk about a joint venture with Shaanxi Automobile tooth. At that time, the impact of the planned economy, Shaanxi Auto Gear's parent unit - the original CNHTC not allowed to hold large shares of foreign companies holding, together with a number of other reasons, once the negotiations to a standstill. In 1996, the United States Eaton established a wholly-owned company in Shanghai. Shaanxi Auto teeth felt the pressure to survive, but the companies still persist in innovation, development, and limited funds will be fully operational technical innovation and hard work, open up the market and established marketing network unimpeded. The Eaton set up wholly-owned company in Shanghai, due to the high operating costs, combined with strangers on the Chinese market, marketing network construction lags behind, so that had wanted to step into the truck market, Chinese companies in Shanghai and Shaanxi Eaton Auto teeth competition in the market has been a disadvantage. To 2001, Shaanxi Auto teeth a good development prospects for attracting private enterprises in the provinces Torch Investment Co., Ltd., in the provincial party committee, the provincial government's strong support, Shaanxi Auto teeth transformed into Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive Company, Torch to pay 1.3 million yuan in cash shares, have been holding status. Since then, receive adequate productive resources, Shaanxi Fast Auto companies even more powerful, capacity expanded to produce 100,000 units Fuller transmissions, the product was convicted by dozens of automobile plants wide selection of more than 400 kinds of models. All this prompted the United States Eaton once again to discuss a joint venture with Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive.

Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive open, general manager of Lee, said Eaton, a joint venture with the United States, Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive can take advantage of its brand and advanced technology, while the other can borrow Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive in the domestic marketing network. Because Xi'an Eaton transmission is produced by large tonnage of new products, and products produced by Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive models for different, so the two sides is a mutually beneficial relationship. 1 to 10 this year, month, Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive company achieved sales of 992.4 million yuan, up 52.5%; export 11.587 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 30.3%. Various operational indicators of business in excess of the level of last year. Eaton Corporation by the U.S. holding a total investment of 29.8 million U.S. dollars in Xi'an, Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive Eaton, the year after the company put into operation transmission capacity of 15 million units, annual sales revenue of 3.0 billion. In addition, Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive invest 500 million yuan on their own, to build Xi'an, Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive Auto Drive Co., Ltd., the production of various types of automobile transmission parts and components, in order to meet market demand, production year after sales income will reach 2.5 billion. Li Kai, said the two companies will put into operation before the end of next year.

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