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Published: 29th March 2011
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2010, the refrigerator industry will be further upgraded. In this context, the Chinese appliance Association, and other support, China Electronic Newspaper hosted the 2010 (Third) Annual Meeting of Chinese refrigerator industry, industry enterprises, associations and representatives of relevant agencies to exchange discussions.

Chen Gang, deputy secretary general of China Household Electrical Appliances Association Four Trends

refrigerator industry The following are my 2010 refrigerator industry arguments. First, the industry contrarian flying, soaring. Despite the 2009 International Financial Impact of the crisis still exists, but China's refrigerator industry policy by bringing home appliances easterly to three, four market development, while also achieving high-end refrigerator market, posting gains. Data show that, as of December 31, 2009, Sell Enterprise information system through the registration of home appliances to the countryside refrigerators sold 15,608,200 units.

Second, high-end refrigerators products substantially increased, while in the industry, high-end refrigerators by secondary urban consumers in the pursuit. In recent years, more and more high-end refrigerators in all supermarkets, sales have been there jumping growth. Statistics show that in February this year, three year sales growth of 153.22 percent refrigerators, multi-door refrigerator sales growth of 131.25 percent year on year, sales rose on the refrigerator door 142.05%.

Third, fashion and intelligent as the development direction. Guide the consumer market, but the final decision the consumers market, the supply of adequate conditions, the buyer will never accounted for active status. How to produce more products to meet consumer demand, is pursuing the goal of all firms together. Smart refrigerator industry has never died down over disputes, whether domestic or foreign brand brand smart technology in a big fuss, have introduced high technology, highly competitive products, large-screen LCD display, multi-temperature control technology been increasingly used in the refrigerator.

Fourth, Energy Refrigerator and inverter refrigerator market potential. May 1, 2009, the newly revised limit value of household refrigerators and energy-efficient power consumption level of formal implementation of national standards, the new standard in frozen, refrigerated containers limit the value of energy efficiency by 20%. June 1 this year, the refrigerator will implement the new energy-efficiency labeling. These measures will further promote the energy efficiency of the refrigerator industry upgrading and technological progress, the future of energy efficient refrigerators in China has a huge market, especially the inverter refrigerator will become the industry's hot product.

State Information Center, Information Resources Development Department Director Tsai Ying market information Significant changes in high-end market demand

Order to continue to understand the consumer demand for high-end products and in-depth analysis of changes in market characteristics of the current high-end refrigerators, State Information Center and the Consumer Electronics Association, the National Grid and a professional and consumer survey companies, in major cities do a high-end consumer intention survey. We found two characteristics: first, the demand for high-end products showed upward trend; Second, consumers understand high-end products, purchase methods, brand selection and price expectations and so the gap is still there.

Based on our understanding of the basic situation investigated, Air conditioning Production companies need to focus on four issues this year.

First, the product should be more close to life, to meet the needs of users to improve the quality of life. Products, fashion, fashion, color, health and other elements will be in the future means of production enterprises to attract consumers. In fact here the so-called fashion, fashion, color, health, consumer high-end refrigerators also required some of the basic elements.

Second, saving not only become an important indicator of manufacturing enterprises assessment, but also a production R & D, marketing focus, we must attach importance to quantify, to make it easier for consumers during the time of purchase accepted.

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